Top 10 Best BMX Helmets

This post will talk about tev of the BMX helmets and brands out there, reviewing different models that I think you might enjoy. I’ve featured BMX helmets available on Amazon, because I find it’s one of the least expensive way to buy a BMX helmet. If you’re hoping to find an amazing helmet for a decent price, Amazon is probably your best bet.

I’ll also offer some BMX helmets brand reviews, and offer riding tips. My goal is to help you identify the features you’d most like to have on your BMX helmet, and identify them in different brands and models. I hope this helps!

Top Rated BMX Helmets

Giro Indicator Helmet (Pearl White/Turquoise Tallac)

Smooth, sleek and versatile.

BMX Helmets Consumer reviews

  • “Excellent fit, very comfortable, light, and good ventilation.” – C. White
  • “It also has plenty of vents to keep your head cool.” – JDK
  • “Fits well and is easy to adjust.” – ed

Bell Faction Allan Cooke Multi-Sport Helmet (Matte Green, Large)

The Bell Faction sets a new standard in skate-inspired helmets with superior style, fit and comfort.

BMX Helmets Product Reviews

  • “The helmet is very comfortable once it is properly fitted using the included pads and by adjusting the straps.” – alg
  • “This properly protects my forehead, as well as the back of my head.” – Kt
  • “The Bell Faction is the best commuting helmet.” – Thomas D. Kehoe

Giro Transfer Helmet (Highlight Yellow)

Inspired design with smart features.

BMX Helmets Product Reviews

  • “The helmet itself is very light and fits great.” – Crystal Verdick
  • “Fits well, adjustable strap in back is great.” – thisisme
  • “Easy to fit and looks like my much more expensive Bell road helmet.” – Peter G

Giro Savant Cycling Helmet (Blue/White, Medium)

Slim, Light, Cool Comfort.

BMX Helmets Consumer Reports

  • “This helmet is very light weight & looks great in matte black.” – R. Pence
  • “The strap adjusters and click-wheel on the back make it easy to get a good, snug fit.” – von Diesel
  • “I would definitely buy this helmet again.” – dsamazon

Bell XLV Bike Helmet, Black, X-Large

This time bigger really is better with the all new Bell XLV.

BMX Helmets Product Reviews

  • “Very pleased with the fit and comfort of the helmet.” – K. Christensen
  • “This is an X-large helmet to fit a large head.” – Valerie Ebberson
  • “Fits like a glove with a wheel at the back for perfect adjustment.” – DeeKay

Giro Women's Skyla Cycling Helmet (Ice Blue/White Flower Sketch)

Form, fit and style for almost any ride.

BMX Helmets Consumer Reports

  • “It’s a great helmet, very comfortable and light-weight.” – Buena Onda
  • “I have a small head and it fits me perfectly.” – MH
  • “It’s easy to adjust, fits perfectly, and the straps don’t tangle easily.” – Mary Jackson Sellers

Giro Flume Helmet (Blue/Highlight Yellow Afterburner Flames)

The Cool Kids’ Helmet.

BMX Helmets Consumer Reports

  • “The helmet fits well and is very comfortable.” – M. Lovelace
  • “The dial fit was easy, and the strap adjustments were simple.” – J. Kempe
  • “If you need a helmet, this is a well constructed one that kids will want to wear, which is half the battle.” – Artemaria

Bell Adult Radar Helmet (Red Dart, 59-61-cm/Medium/Large)

Great style and features at a great price .

BMX Helmets Buyers Guide

  • “Materials seem cheaply made and straps are uncomfortable.” – JFM1970
  • “This helmet has only one adjustment – you can change the length of the chin strap.” – JPilot
  • “I dont ride my bike too much and I am satisfied with it as it serves the purpose.” – Joshy Joseph

Bern Unlimited Brentwood Summer Matte All Black Everything Bomber Helmet with Visor, Large, Black Stripe
Bern Unlimited

The Brentwood is Bern’s most popular bike helmet for men, featuring a removable visor (patent #US D572880 S), sunglass channels for fitting your shades and airflow channels to keep you cool.

BMX Helmets Consumer Reports

  • “Comfortable fit, very lightweight.” – bigeugene
  • “The visor is great to keep the sun out of our eyes.” – Elizabeth Bell-Zinn
  • “It doesn’t make his head look huge like most helmets do.” – K. Corbishley

Giro Atmos Cycling Helmet (Matte Black/White, Medium)

Always Stay Cool.

BMX Helmets Consumer reviews

  • “Great fit, nice and light, very airy and cool.” – Joe Bowman
  • “All I needed to do was adjust the chin straps and twist the head band to fine tune the fit.” – Daniel J Becker
  • “This is the best helmet I have owned.” – Larry Cox

Suggestions of the Best BMX Helmets

Do you have any BMX Helmets suggestions that you think BMX Helmets would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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