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Best Cyclocross Bikes in the World

Retrospec Beta Series Single Speed Fixed Gear Bicycle with Flip Flop Hub, Matte Gunmetal Gray/Aqua Wheels, 60cm/Large
Retrospec Bicycles

At Retrospec Bicycles we take our wheels very seriously. Wheel engineering starts at the core. Retrospec Beta Series bikes feature silky smooth KT hubs with a flip-flop hub in the rear.

Product Research
  • “The bike is a great ride And it looks great too.” – H. G. Haynes
  • “Overall, if you are looking for a commuter bike, I would definitely recommend this bike.” – Kevin
  • “I just recently purchased a Retrospec El Diablo fixie and I’m pleased to say I’m incredibly happy with my purchase.” – Jonathan Peig

Kenda Small Block 8 XC Mountain Bike Tire (DTC, Folding, 700x32)

The Tomac Small Block 8 is an excellent hard pack XC race tire that has also become a favorite all-around tire for those who like to commute and ride trails on the same bike.

Kenda K161 Knobby Wire Bead Bicycle Tire, Gumwall, 27-Inch x 1-3/8-Inch


Product Research
  • “It was reasonably priced and very well made.” – Richard A. Oravetz
  • “They perform very well both on the road and on gravel trails.” – C. Dudley
  • “I’ve never had such difficulty trying to get a tire on and finally gave up after about 30 minutes.” – K. Falter

Finish Line Ceramic WET Bicycle Chain Lube, 4-Ounce Drip Squeeze Bottle
Finish Line

Ceramic WET is Finish Line’s most advanced and most effective racing lubricant. This wet-style full synthetic lubricant is enhanced with a nano-sized platelets of boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer.

Product Research
  • “Even experimenting on an old rusty chain, the difference is immediately noticeable.” – Brett Bourg
  • “Not sure all the mechanics of this, but for me this stuff worked great!” – J. Huizenga
  • “Because this is a wet lube, it is more tenacious in bad weather, but the benefits of longer lasting lubrication are noticeable even in a drought.” – D. patton

Kenda Happy Medium Cyclocross Tire (Black, 700x35mm)

Kenda Happy Medium TiresItem SpecificationsWeight376gPSI50-85PSITire BeadFoldingISO Diameter622 / road / 29″ISO Width35mmLabeled Size35Color Tread/SideBlackTire TypeClincherTire Diameter700cIntended U

Product Research
  • “It was very dry, no mud, but still loose (sandy/dirt) in places.” – Jer
  • “Very pleased with these tires.” – Lhb
  • “I had wide (1.5 inch) road tires on my hybrid, but they were very smooth, so I slid around a lot offroad.” – SAndrews

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