Best Road Bike For Under $1000

When choosing a good road bike to ride this year many people are leaning towards the road bike. With the road bike you have the option of not worrying about shifting and bouncing around with poor shocks. 2013 is the year of baby boomers and many seniors will be looking for different ways to exercise and lose weight.

Below are many different types of road bike for under $1000 created by different bike makers. Read the review if you don’t know about the bike, and always make sure to wear safety equipment while riding.

Top Rated Road Bike

GMC Denali Road Bike (Medium 22.5/57cm Frame, Yellow/Black)

Mens GMC Denali Light weight aluminum, 22.

Road Bike Customer Reviews

  • “I want to try a road bike first to see if I like this sport before I buy a good one.” – Yin Long
  • “The assembly is straightforward but then… Brakes needed adjusting- this was the easy part.” – Urmuz
  • “I called Kent International, the maker of the bike, and they said they would check on part availability and would call back.” – Matthew

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike (54cm Frame)

The Kabuto is all about keeping things simple and getting it done without breaking the bank.

Road Bike Product Reviews

  • “Overall, the bike is easy to ride, fast, light and flashy with the nice yellow tires… will not be disappointed if you cop this ride.” – Michelle Carey
  • “All in all, it’s feels like a great bike that will last for a while until I can afford something much better.” – Oluwatobi O. Ogunsanwo
  • “This bike was fairly easy to put together (I had no prior experience with bike assembly).” – Alex

Critical Cycles Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Urban Road Bike (Gray/Orange, Medium)
Critical Cycles

Critical Cycles’ fixed-gear bicycles are hand built for the commuter lifestyle with a tig-welded steel frame that comes with horizontal dropouts and a component set that is ideal for riding around town, on the beach boardwalk, and for performing freestyle tricks.

Road Bike Consumer Reports

  • “They ride smooth and pedal easy also very light great colors to choose from.” – Maurice Hornos
  • “I used the instructional video to build my bike, and it was really easy to do with the included tools.” – D-Mak
  • “Actually thinking about buying one to replace my road bike!” – FIXEDinNY

Pure Fix Cycles Juliet Fixed Gear Single Speed Urban Fixie Road Bike, 54cm/Medium, Matte Black
Pure Fix Cycles

Pure Fix Cycles starts with the simplicity and elegance of an Urban geometry Frame and straight Fork made from durable high tensile steel.

Road Bike Consumer Reports

  • “The bike is great, easy to ride, good looking, and well-made.” – ninyafresa
  • “Great bike, great company, great parts, great customer service!” – jeff linscott
  • “A great bike I recommend to anyone that is starting with fixed geared cycling.” – SoapTwo


Your Bike – Your Style! This Fixed Gear / Single Speed is completely unbranded.

Road Bike Recommendations

  • “Later on I’ll get into upgrading the components and such but for now, for my commuter and leisure purposes, this bike the way it is will definitely suffice. :) – Jerry
  • “This bike has met my expectations so far and I’m very happy with it.” – neotech
  • “The bike frame feels pretty well constructed as far as welds and items attached.” – Joel Sink

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike (56cm)

Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike (12782) The Rapido is all about keeping things simple and getting it done without breaking the bank.

Road Bike Product Reviews

  • “Best Value Bike on the market!” – T. Moreno
  • “Quick bike, very light, fun to ride.” – Marko Jaksic
  • “With the money you’re saving for the core bike, you can upgrade and personalize this bike to whatever specs you want/need.” – Red909

GMC Denali Women's Road Bike (20/50cm Frame)

The GMC(r) Denali women’s 19-in road bike offers a lightweight aluminum frame with smooth-tread 700-cc hi-performance tires and hi-profile alloy Vitesse racing rims for a comfortable ride.

Road Bike Product Reviews

  • “I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for an entry-level women’s road bike and doesn’t want to spend a fortune.” – elnelson
  • “The bike is easy to put together if you have at least half a brain and works great with only a minor tune up.” – AC
  • “Sure toe-overlap is common on road bikes, but this is pretty extreme by any standard.” – T. Hoover

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano, Black, 50cm Small

This is an affordable entry 21 speed road bike and one of our best sellers.

Road Bike Consumer reviews

  • “The frame is very nice, it looks like it belongs on a much more expensive bike.” – B. Money
  • “I am very happy with the bike and would recomend the bike to anyone interested in a low cost above average quality road bike.” – Flagstaff
  • “The ride is fast enough that i think it’s worth some money to repair instead or riding into the ground.” – apad

GMC Denali Pro Road Bike (56cm Frame)

Looking for a nice road bike but don’t want to spend too much? Look no further.

Road Bike Recommendations

  • “LOOKS The bike can be good looking with a few modifications, and people have mistaken mine for an expensive bicycle.” – Kenton Lee
  • “I would recommend this bike to anyone who is starting road biking !!” – KC81
  • “After about 4 months the bottom bracket bearing started failing.” – Spinnakr

Vilano Edge Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Bicycle, Blue, 54cm

Full Specs:Frame: 4130 Chromoly Fork: 700C 4130 Chromoly 1 1/8″ ThreadlessCrankset: Tec9 Forged Alloy w/ 46T ChainringCassette: 16T Freewheel & 16T FixedHubs: Hi-Flange Alloy – Rear Flip Flop (Cog and

Road Bike Product Reviews

  • “I love the look, how light it is and very smooth to ride.” – devy
  • “The bike shop guys WILL give you crap, but you’ll probably need their help getting the brakes and everything where they need to be.” – Steve
  • “When it came to seating the tires, noticed that when I aired the tubes up, the tires would unseat themselves from the rim.” – Larisa Rodriguez

Suggestions of the Best Road Bike

Do you have any Road Bike suggestions that you think Road Bike would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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