Best Bike Tool Kits

These will be some of the most reviewed and best selling bike tool kits available on Amazon today. Amazon do great deals on bike tool kits and we have tried to include some of the lower priced and higher priced item so there should be something to suit everyone’s budget. Be sure to read as many reviews as you can if you are interested in one of them.

Top Rated Bike Tool Kits

Park Tool AK-37 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit
Park Tool

Designed specifically for the home mechanic that wants the best, the AK-37 Advanced Mechanic Tool Kit is a special 37-piece collection of our finest “shop quality” tools, all packaged in a tough tool box.

Bike Tool Kits Recommendations

  • “This tool kit is a great way to start fixing biking.” – Rajagopalan Babu
  • “This tool set is high quality, as one would expect from Park.” – Lisa Rogers
  • “The tools are well made.” – Michael N Parker Jr

Brand New! Home Mechanic Bike Bicycle Tool Kit!

This is useful for you to repair the bicycle
Different tools in a quality carrying case, convenient for you to carry

Below are what you will get:

Chain rivet extractor 1 pc

Steel Tyre Levers 3 pcs

Cotterless Crankarm Extractor 1 pc

Manometry pen for tyre 1 pc?

Hed set wrench 1pc

Pedal wrench 1 pc

Wrench with red handle 1 pc

Freewheel Wrench 1 pc

Adjustable wrench 1 pc

8mm / 10mm open end wrench 1 pc

Cone / Hub Conespanner 2 pcs

Wrench with cross screwdriver head 1 pc

Hex key wrench with ball head 8 pcs

Hex key wrench with vinyl coated, red handle 2 pcs

Freewheel Remover 1 pc Silver

Forged Spoke adjuster 10/ 11/ 12/ 13/ 14/ 15G 1 pc

Bottom Bracket and Headset Lock ring tool 1 pc


Bike Tool Kits Consumer reviews

  • “I’m sure are better tool kits out there and better tools, but for someone like myself who is just getting started working on my own bike it’s a good starter kit.” – Martin E. Rheaume
  • “So far I’ve been very happy with the tools and when you aren’t expecting too much everything’s a bonus!” – jeremy scott
  • “The threads were a bit too thick so my road bike chain didn’t fit properly in the slot.” – Jimmy Tu

Sunlite Bulk Patches

25MM DIAMETER 100 patches per BOX

Bike Tool Kits Consumer Reports

  • “They work as well as the expensive patches but are SUPER CHEAP!” – G. Randall
  • “By the way, as far as I can tell, the so-called “vulcanizing fluid” in the little tubes that come with patch kits is nothing more than rubber cement.” – Al
  • “They are a good product to buy so you don’t have to buy the patching kits at stores that only give you 3 patches and cost just as much.” – Fez

Avenir Roll-Up Tool Kit

Avenir by Raleigh is the premier bicycle accessory line from legendary Raleigh Bicycles.

Bike Tool Kits Product Reviews

  • “The tools are pretty strong and the pouch is made of a good material.” – Maria Elisa Martinez
  • “Has all the tools you need for most any road repair!” – Great Santini
  • “It is very reasonably priced considering the wealth of tools included.” – Kevin C.

Planet Bike Lunar Levers and Bike Tire Patch Kit Combo
Planet Bike

Lunar Levers are super-strong, ergonomically designed nylon levers that snap together with a glueless patch kit held between the two levers.

Bike Tool Kits Consumer Reports

  • “They are compact and yet work very well.” – Patrick Healy
  • “Levers, sandpaper and patches in a compact design.” – Terry D. Shorter
  • “I used it many times on my MTB and road bike and the levers worked great.” – A. Vega

Park Tool WTK-1 Essential Tool Kit
Park Tool

Designed for the casual cyclist, the economical WTK-1 contains the tools needed for many basic adjustments and repairs at home or on the road.

Bike Tool Kits Buyers Guide

  • “This is a nice tool kit to have when you need to make a quick repair or adjustment on the road or trail and there’s no other tools available.” – dnew54
  • “Cute little adjustable wrench.” – Leslie Dixon
  • “Fits nicely in an Avenir bag.” – Great Santini

Sunlite 15 Piece Home Mechanic Bicycle Tool Kit With Case


Bike Tool Kits Product Reviews

  • “It’s a great beginners kit for everything you need for bike maintenance and installation.” – J. Parr
  • “Both worked just fine and seem to be quality tools.” – C. Martin
  • “The tools in this set themselves are not of superb quality, but they aren’t terrible either.” – Maryland Customer

Park Tool Socket and Bit Set
Park Tool

The SBS-1 is a shop quality set of sockets, hex bits and Torx style bits for the bike mechanic.

Bike Tool Kits Consumer Reports

  • “Like all other Park tools that I own, this is a good one.” – Mark D. Ludwin
  • “This is a great addition to any bike torque wrench.” – Danzigman
  • “The quality isn’t bad (although it’d be better if the smaller allen hex and torx bits were 1/4″ drive to make it easier to use with the torque wrench.” – Photo_Guy

White Lightning Easy Clean Bicycle Chain and Parts Cleaning Brush Kit (2 Piece)
White Lightning

A 2pc brush kit perfectly suited to cleaning gears, cogs, chain and drivetrain parts.

Bike Tool Kits Customer Reviews

  • “Good thin brush and plastic scraper enables you to get between the gears, etc. when cleaning your bike.” – Sandwichmaker
  • “Great invention for anyone who spends considerable time cleaning of their bikes, especially mountain bikes (but I use them on my roadie once in awhile too).” – R. Reviewer
  • “They seem to be well designed and very efficient for cleaning intra-cog spaces.” – J. Dick

Brand New! Home Mechanic Bicycle Tool Kit 43 pcs!

This is useful for you to repair the bicycle
Different tools in a quality carrying case, convenient for you to carry
Below are what you will get:
Forged”0″ spke adjuster 1pc
Freewheel remover 1pc
Head set wrench 1pc
Tire glue?Film ,file?vale core tube 1set
Chain rivet extrator 1pc
small screwdriver 1pc
freewheel turner 1pc

Bike Tool Kits Buyers Guide

  • “Works for what I need it for.” – Phil
  • “This kit is pretty much something that you buy at a wholesale lot but worth the money.” – Charles E. O. Connor
  • “It was a Christmas gift and much appreciated.” – Karel Anderson

Suggestions of the Best Bike Tool Kits

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