Best Bicycle Tail Lights

Ride your bike at night and do it safely with these bright bicycle tail lights. The best bicycle tail lights of 2012 are featured below. While riding our bicycles, we often forget about safety and being seen by drivers on the road. These best bicycle tail lights will change that! Be seen well in advance and ride your bicycle safely at night with these bicycle tail lights.

Some of these bicycle tail lights run on two AAA batteries, and the others are USB rechargeable. Bright flashing red tail lights that fit easily on any style of bicycle. Buy one as a gift for a loved one who loves cycling. Keep them safe at night and yourself.

Top Rated Bicycle Tail Lights

Planet Bike Blinky 3 3-Led Rear Bicycle Light
Planet Bike

Planet Bike BRT-3 Taillights includes batteries, seatpost and seatstay mounts.

Bicycle Tail Lights Recommendations

  • “Great light,very bright,easy to install.” – Arthur Robidoux
  • “Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a safe bike ride in the dark.” – Nihar Mohanty
  • “Light has the option to stay on steady, or to flash, very bright.” – TOMAN

Portland Design Works Danger Zone Tail Light
Portland Design Works

SUPER bright double LED tail light for those who truly want to be seen.

Bicycle Tail Lights Buyers Guide

  • “This light is super bright and very easy to install.” – John L
  • “I’d recommend this light for anyone that rides on the road, bike paths, commutes, or in heavy traffic.” – Bartok Kinski
  • “I also like Flashing mode #1 since it’s TWICE the brightness.” – Bartok Kinski

Cygolite Hotshot 2-Watt USB Rechargeable Taillight with USB Cable
Cygo Lite

Integrating Cygolite’s 20 years of tail light expertise, the HotShot 2W USB features a powerful 2 watt High-Brightness LED for max visibility, USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery, 5 flash modes, and adjustable flash speeds for additional safety.

Bicycle Tail Lights Consumer Reports

  • “This thing lasts for a long time, and when it needs a charge, the USB charges in a few hours.” – kremz
  • “Seriously, I think it’s almost safer to ride at night as opposed to the day now that I have this light, because this light makes you MORE visible to cars.” – Jill Maicke
  • “Great customer service.” – Paul

CatEye Rapid 3 Bicycle Rear Safety Light TL-LD630

Maximum attention.

Bicycle Tail Lights Customer Reviews

  • “The mount that comes with it made it easy to place where I wanted, on a small vertical bar mounted above my rear reflector.” – Derek Dean
  • “Gives me piece of mind when riding now, even in the daytime.” – Allan R
  • “Very bright, very visible light particularly in the flashing mode.” – Paul W

Planet Bike Blinky Superflash Turbo 1W Tail Light
Planet Bike

The Superflash series taillights feature powerful LEDs providing constant and flashing modes for ultimate visibility.

Bicycle Tail Lights Product Reviews

  • “Very bright light that was easy to install.” – R. McCarthy
  • “This light is UNBELIEVEABLE, I KNOW for sure I can be seen by car drivers, to me its gives off the appearance of an emergency vehicle light.” – T. Lee
  • “It’s very bright and has an eye catching flash pattern.” – SMI

Suggestions of the Best Bicycle Tail Lights

Do you have any Bicycle Tail Lights suggestions that you think Bicycle Tail Lights would love or any feedback on the suggestions in this page? Please feel free to add a comment below.

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